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Annual Coordination Meeting of the 2021 ELDW
The annual coordination meeting of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) was held online on 25 February 2022. It brought together 75 representatives from Council of Europe member states and Tunisia.
The participants evaluated the 2021 edition of the ELDW under the theme "Protecting the environment: Local communities take action". 
The activities were wide-ranging and allowed municipalities to address different topics: dialogue with citizens, raising awareness of environmental issues, access to knowledge and resources, improving the functioning of local government and increasing the transparency of the process, as well as developing new participatory mechanisms.
Bryony Rudkin, spokesperson for the ELDW, and Julian Kositz, ELDW project manager and coordinator, guided the participants through the meeting. The Director of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Rafel Benitez, gave the introductory speech.
During the meeting, the title of "Partner of the European Local Democracy Week 2021" was awarded to the following 21 municipalities from Turkey, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania in recognition of their commitment to the ELDW and the promotion of local democracy: 21 participating municipalities were awarded the status of "Partner of the European Local Democracy Week 2021" for giving special importance to the ELDW in their activity programmes and budgets: Ahmetbey Municipality (Turkey), Be?ikta? Municipality (Turkey), Beykoz Municipality (Turkey), Buca Municipality (Turkey), Büyükçekmece Municipality (Turkey), Cascais Municipality (Portugal), Çi?li Municipality (Turkey), Edremit Municipality (Turkey), Efeler Municipality (Turkey), Fastiv City (Ukraine), City of Kharkiv (Ukraine), Municipality of Konak (Turkey), City of Kyiv (Ukraine), City of Lviv (Ukraine), Municipality of Lüleburgaz (Turkey), Municipality of Muratpa?a (Turkey), City of Nis (Serbia), Municipality of Ramnicu Valcea (Romania), Municipality of Rize (Turkey), Municipality of Tekirda? (Turkey), Municipality of Valongo (Portugal).
We all hope to see many inspiring activities from you again this year and we encourage you to spread the word about ELDW to your partner cities and in general, so that this great initiative can reach even more communities in Europe and beyond!
To watch the videorecording of the whole meeting, please click on the following link: 
Part 1 (morning)
Part 2 (afternoon):