Inviting a speaker from the Congress

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Would you like to invite a representative from the Congress to attend one of the main events you are going to organise in the framework of ELDW?

Congress’ representatives are keen to bring the voice of the Congress to your community!

Congress representatives who may be invited are:

  • the ELDW Spokespersons Bryony Rudkin and Mihkel Juhkami;


  • the President of the Congress, Leendert Verbeek ;


  • the President of the Chamber of Local Authorities,  Bernd VOEHRINGER, and the President of the Chamber of Regions, Harald SONDEREGGER;


  • the Heads of the permanent Committees of the Congress,  Gudrun MOSLER-TOERNSTROEM (Chair of the Monitoring Committee), Jelena DRENJANIN (Chair of the Governance Committee) and Thomas ANDERSSON (Chair of the Current Affairs Committee);


  • the heads of the National Delegations of the 46 Congress member States.


Also, a member of the Congress Secretariat, may be invited to attend an ELDW event, in particular the Secretary General, Andreas Kiefer.

Travel and accommodation fees will be at the charge of the inviting local/regional authority.

To find out more about inviting a Congress representative, please contact: