Community engagement in Tbilisi for improving local democracy

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Tbilisi (Georgia) has been part of the ELDW since 2007 and as a “12 Star city” since 2010. Svedia Ugrekhelidze (Georgia, EPP/ECC), Mayor of Tbilisi and Member of the Congress, participated in the general coordination meeting of ELDW in February to present the events organised in her city during the 2013 Democracy Week. In Tbilisi, students were invited to take part in an essay competition on “The role and importance of the European Charter of local self-government for Georgia”. Young politicians attended a seminar on local democracy, and regular meetings on the topic of participatory budget planning for 2014 were held with heads of the local administration and homeowner association representatives. The ELDW 2013 was also used to inform citizens on the role of the Council of Europe and Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.