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What is the European Local Democracy Week?


“The European Local Democracy Week” (ELDW) is an annual European event where local authorities from all the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe organise public events to meet and engage with their citizens on issues of current interest. The aim is to promote and foster democratic participation at local level.The municipalities are encouraged to organise events, in accordance with the theme of the ELDW, during the whole year, culminating in a flagship event in the week of 15 October. The week around 15 October has been chosen for holding this event as a tribute to the European Charter of Local Self-Government, opened for signature on that date in 1985.


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2019 theme: "Local democracy: building trust

Co-designing local democracy together with citizens and practicing open government"


Participating cities are encouraged to reinforce local democracy in particular by practicing open government. It is a simple but powerful idea that government will work better is they are transparent, participatory and accountable. Citizens can be involved in the decision-making in their municipality through participatory budgeting, citizen city council, youth forums, speed-dating with the mayors, etc.