Numerous activities organised by Patras municipality during the ELDW 2016

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As part of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) 2016 organised in the municipality of Patras (Greece), citizens will be invited - among numerous activities - to a seminar on anti-discrimination and solidarity, and a narration of intercultural stories revealing common cultural heritage. A specific radio program will also be dedicated to the ELDW including an interview with María OCHOA-LLIDO, Head of the Co-operation and External Relations Department of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. As a committed ELDW partner and member of the Intercultural Cities Network, the municipality of Patras has been promoting cultural diversity, respect and solidarity all year long.  During the “European Week Against Racism” in March 2016, the municipality had co-ordinated a series of events entitled “Synergy for Diversity benefiting Democratic values.” Moreover, being a main port and by pass city, Patras  strongly supports refugees at Myrsini centre in Elia prefecture.