The Congress dedicates the European Local Democracy Week in 2013 to “active citizenship”

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Motivating citizens to take part in decision-making processes at the grassroots level will be at the center of the new edition of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) which will be organized, this year, from 14 to 20 October in Europe and beyond. The leading theme of this event in 2013 -“Active citizenship: voting, sharing, participating”- has been endorsed by the new ELDW Political Co-ordinator, Congress Vice-President and member of the Municipal Council of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dubravka Suica, further to a co-ordination meeting assembling representatives of European cities, regions and associations.


“Functioning democracy at the grassroots level implies active citizenship and this is a common responsibility of citizens and their elected representatives. Interaction between citizens and local politicians is key in this respect - each part has to contribute”, Ms Suica says. Municipalities and associations who are interested in taking part and organizing events and activities to promote democratic participation in their communities can learn more about this campaign and register easily online.