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The ELDW team



Bryony Rudkin
Thematic Spokesperson
on the ELDW
Member of the Ipswich Borough Council, United Kingdom

Dmitri Marchenkov
ELDW Project Manager

Secretariat of the Congress

Tel. +33 (0)3 88 41 20 76

National co-ordinators of the ELDW


The National Associations of Local and Regional Authorities appoint one of their officers as national coordinator of ELDW. They can provide information and support to local authorities in the language of the country, allowing cities and towns to easily participate in the Week.


The national coordinators may provide local authorities with:

- ELDW leaflet contents in their language;

- thematic ideas contents in the language of the country or a summary of that document;

- simple information on how to register the participation of their municipality online on this website in English or French;

- the possibility of registering municipalities' participation on their behalf, with a summary of the planned events and meetings.

Partner organisations

European Local Democracy Week is supported by various organisations, as well as international and European networks. They promote ELDW, especially through their websites, and encourage their members to participate in the Week. According to the annual ELDW themes, each year specific organisations join the ELDW as partners.