Innovative participatory processes in the approach of Dionysos to the Local Democracy Week

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In the occasion of the ELDW 2013, Dionysos (Greece) mobilised its schools, municipal officials, local associations and elders houses. At the general coordination meeting of ELDW, held on 14 February 2014, Sophie Katsigianni, Municipal Councillor, presented the diverse events organised: “open spaces”, creative workshops, World Café and many others. The idea behind was to create an opportunity for asking simple questions on local democracy to the participants, to which they could answer through intergenerational dialogue, innovative participatory processes, conversation circles or in form of artistic expression. The overall mission of the ELDW 2013 in Dionysos was to conduct a research on the functioning of local democracy. The Week ended with an exposition of paintings on the themes “Me and my city” and “The city I’d like to live in”.