Local councilors and officials in Iceland share their experience on citizen participation mechanisms

Written the 05/09/2017

"Citizen participation is the bedrock of democracy and good governance, beause the citizen must be in the center of any public action and policy" stressed Congress Seretary General Andreas Kiefer on a conference held in Reykjavik on 5 September 2017. Administration staff from various Icelandic municipalities...
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ELDW administrator’s website under development

Written the 30/06/2017

The ELDW administrator's website is currently under development to provide ELDW partners with a more user-friendly and simple platform for registering and promoting their ELDW activities. Due to these changes, ELDW partners may encounter technical problems when entering data after logging in to their personal...
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Learning to Live Together – A Conference on the Future of Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Europe

Written the 23/06/2017

A conference on the future of education for citizenship and human rights in Europe was organised from 20 to 22 June at the Palais of Europe in Strasbourg (France). In the framework of the Council of Europe's Charter on Education for Citizenship and Human Rights, presentations, round tables and debates...
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Instruments to engage citizens: towards improvement of Georgia’s local governance system

Written the 20/06/2017

"Local authorities should be supported by a framework enabling them to effectively take care of their citizens, analyse their ideas and ensure that these voices are projected into decision-making" affirmed David Narmania, Head of the Delegation of Georgia to the Congress and Mayor of Tbilisi, when addressing...
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ELDW Evaluation Workshop in Budapest

Written the 14/12/2016

The ELDW is coming up fast!

Written the 27/09/2016

60th anniversary of the Europe Prize

Written the 23/06/2015

"Citizen in my city – Citizen in Europe"

From 15/12/2014 to 16/12/2014