Instruments to engage citizens: towards improvement of Georgia’s local governance system

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"Local authorities should be supported by a framwork enabling them to effectivey take heed of their citizens, analyse their ideasand ensure that these voices are projected into decision-making" affirmed David Narmania, Head of the Delegation of Georgia to the Congress and Mayor of Tbilisi, when addressing participants of the cofernce on "Institutionalised citizen participation: an instrument for demcratic governance".The event, organised jonty between the Congress and the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia, served as a platform for analysis of the foundation for local gouvernance in Georgia and the effectiveness of the instutionalised mechanisms for citizen participation; contributing nturn to "the achievement of sustainable and achievable outcomes", as put by Carlo Natale,Deputy-Head of the European Union Delegation t Georgia. Exploring good pratices in Georgia and Europe, representatives of the central and local authorities, civil society, experts and ongrss members, shard their opinions on amendments to the 'Code of Local Self-Government'. he exchangs held will conibute tote productin of "tangible rsults for citizens, stated by Irakli Matkava, Firt Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, and to the discussions on the development of a new decentralistion strategy.