Partner of the European Local Democracy Week

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To highlight the commitment to raising the citizens’ awareness of local democracy, the most active participating local authorities taking part in the ELDW can request the title of “Partner of the European Local Democracy Week”.


This title is granted a posteriori, upon the actual participation and report of activities, in order to guarantee that the participants respected the criteria regarding the nature, scale, and possible impact of events.


In order to receive this title, municipalities and other local entities have to fulfil the following criterias:


1. Allocate a specific budget for citizens’ participation

2. Run an ELDW promotion campaign (posters, promotion of activities at school...) using the ELDW visual identity decided upon and provided by the Congress

3. Carry out a number of specific activities linked to the leading theme of the year

4. Organise an event with a European or pan-European dimension to illustrate the role of local authorities in the construction of a democratic Europe. A Congress representative may be invited to this main event (More information here)

5. Extend the social scope of the initiative by reaching out to different groups of citizens, especially the groups that can feel excluded (children, elderly, women, Roma and Travellers, people with a disability, minorities…)

6. Promote the engagement of young people and youth organisations, including by involving or creating youth councils

7. Implement sustainable initiatives thereby creating an environment in which citizens and local authorities share the same long-term goals, namely to reinforce citizens’ awareness and participation in decision making

8. Implement innovative activities and projects

Any questions ? Do no hesitate to contact our coordination team