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The "12-Star" status

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The local and regionl authorities and their associations wishing to give special prominence to their participation in European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) may take part as "12-Stars".

This status is intended to highlight the commitment with which a municipality raises its citizens' awareness of local democracy, the role of local councillors and the opportunities provided by participatory democracy. In particular, each year ELDW focuses on a different challenging issue.


In order to take part in the ELDW as a "12-Stars", municipalities and other local entities have to fulfil the following criteria:

1. Allocate a specific budget for the ELDW activities. This budget may also be financed by other bodies (local public services providers, other local government authorities, sponsors...)

2. Run an ELDW promotion campaign (posters, promotion of activities at school...) using the ELDW visual identity decided upon and provided by the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.

3. Carry out a number of specific activities linked to the leading theme of the year. Suggestions for activities can be found in the document 'Thematic ideas' of the current edition.

4. Involve different groups of citizens in the initiatives forming part of the ELDW. Special attention should be paid to the involvement of young people through Municipal Youth Councils, and of pupils and students, in conjunction with schools and colleges. The aim is to bring tomorrow's adult citizens closer to local institutions and to help them play a part in local democratic life.

5. Organise an event with a European or pan-European dimension to illustrate the role of local authorities in the construction of a democratic Europe. A Congress representative may be invited to this main event. Travel and accommodation will be at the charge of the inviting local/regional authority. More information about inviting a Congress representative can be found here.

Those local authorities and associations who are not able to fulfil all of these objectives are more than encouraged to organise events and act respectively as partners or associations of the Week and will receive appropriate recognition for their involvement.